You want to adopt a dog, and that’s OK. How to choose and what after that


Adopting a dog is not something to be undertaken lightly. How do we know the dog I choose will be right for me?

To help ensure that the dog you adopt suits you, and you suit the dog, we may ask you a number of questions. For example:

  • Do you want a young dog full of energy, who can go jogging with you?
  • Or do you want an older, calmer dog who will be happy to match your own more restful pace of life?
  • Is your house small with a tiny garden? Or is it large with a big garden?
  • Is the boundary of your garden dog-proof and secure?
  • Do you already have a pet, and what kind of temperament does your existing pet have?
  • Do you have young children?

Bring them over to vet who is another animal lover. Once a full check up is done, the dog will go for a tick wash, dried and then vaccinated if no fever or severe infection. If there are any issues then put them on antibiotics, anti-fungals,etc.

Vaccination should be done when it’s a puppy ! Don’t force them to get it done after they are grown up definitely they will bite (it’s their reaction to external force they don’t do it on purpose, again it’s in their genetics).

They don’t share food with each other so its little difficult to maintain multiple dogs.

Street dog is for you, If you


Are Ready to give 100% freedom for the dog!
Are Ready to spend money on anti-tics medicines frequently!
Don’t force them for any reason !

Zero maintenance
High resistance for disease
Zero drama compared to golden retrievers


All the dogs have turned out to be excellent companions though they bring home their fears and reservations. It takes time to understand and adapt them to our household. Patience, more patience and total patience is key.

Always handle a street dog with care. Ensure you don’t get bitten- if they are excited calm them down. Have a basket or dog carrier with a towel. Handle them with a glove lest you should bring home infections to your home dogs! Always vaccinate the dogs and if you are handling then get yourself vaccinated too for tetanus, etc.

You can be choosy too! Go for breeds you surely can handle. Try feeding them with some food and let them get friendly. Then slowly let them get used to collar and leash.


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