Why do cats love drinking water from your cup?

photo: catster.com

No-one is really sure exactly why cats can be so finicky about their water but there are a couple of theories. All cats are different but all cats like to drink from a fresh water source and away from their food source (food dish).
If their water bowl has water that has sat for a while the water won’t taste as good and they will seek out a fresher water source like from your nice cold glass of water. Many people buy the waterfall water dish for their cats. It keeps the water fresher by keeping it oxygenated.
There may be an instinctual aversion to still water. In the wild, a cat will usually only drink moving water which helps to help prevent her from becoming sick. Alternatively, it could be that your cat has learned that water tends to be cooler when it’s from a tap or rain water.

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