What To Look For When Searching For A Dog Trainer

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Are you considering getting obedience training for your puppy or dog? Like most pet parents you are probably wondering what to look for in a dog trainer. Hiring a dog trainer is not always the easiest thing to do. Once you start interviewing dog trainers you will quickly realize that there are different techniques, class sizes and opinions. You will want to pick a trainer that seems to click with you, your dog and your values. There are some certain things to ask and look for when picking a dog trainer.


Hiring a dog trainer can be expensive, but worth it for the results. If you are going to invest money training then you should hire a certified dog trainer. Having a certified dog trainer usually means they take their job very seriously. They invest time into learning new techniques, take pride in their work and are highly knowledgeable when it comes to working with different breeds.

Class Size

Before signing your dog up for any training classes find out the class size. Sometimes training is done one on one and other times it is done in a large session with other dogs. Either option is perfectly fine but you should know this information up front to make an informed decision. Some animals do better with a more personalized training, as the pet owner you will know what is best for your dog.

Training Technique

Dog trainers are not all alike. In fact training classes vary based on the instructors personal training philosophy. Some trainers use positive reinforcement, treats and clicker training. Other trainers use shock collars, isolation and other harsh training methods. Be sure to find out the method of training prior to enrolling your dog in any training courses. Finding out your dog is being subjected to harsh training is something no pet owner should have to go through.


Unfortunately, our animals can’t talk to us and give us their opinion on the trainer. Talk to friends, family members and other pet owners to get recommendations. Word of mouth from a friend or family member is always the best way to find a reputable dog trainer.

Ask About Socialization

Even if you have opted for a one on one training it is still important for your dog to learn social skills. Some training programs will have the opportunity for play dates and other socializing opportunities. Be sure to ask about this when interviewing a potential trainer.


If you are hiring a dog trainer their love for animals should show! Your trainer should be upbeat and very interactive with your dog even during the interview process. Make sure that you feel comfortable and feel your pet is in great hands before hiring anyone!

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