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We have all seen the viral videos of dogs being introduced to a new dog or cat in the house, acting scared or confused, or even excited when seeing the new pet in the house. However, this video shows a dog that is confused, but a ferret that is just as equally or even more …


Basically the challenge involves tricking your pet with a piece of cloth or blanket. All you need is a door and space to move. The challenge involves doing a magic disappearing trick on your pet by holding the cloth in front of you, releasing it as you run left or right sideways so your pet …


Is there anything sweeter from your lovely dog? Yes. Your lovely baby. Is there anything sweeter from your lovely baby? Yes. Your sweet baby playing with your dog. Although the dogs not always appreciate it, their royal cuteness are very patient and careful with the babies. See for yourself in the following video.


Dog owners everywhere are confounding their pups with the latest internet craze, known as the “What the Fluff” challenge. The rules are simple: As their pets look on, wannabe tricksters hold a blanket in front of them, then quickly run away as they drop it, leaving nothing behind. Reactions from some very confused dogs are …


With the FIFA World Cup entering the most interesting stage of the competition we would like to remind you that the soccer celebrities are not the only stars on the grass. Have a look at these hilarious dogs invading the pitch and showing their talent.


Another proof that speaking foreign languages can be very fun, is coming from this lovely parrot Cockatoo which seems to speak perfect dog language – so good indeed that it leaves a real dog puzzled. The humans who didn’t understand anything of it, had a lot of fun though. Ignorance is blessing…


Now that the summer is here instead of dropping off your old sweaters at the overflowing neighborhood thrift store, you can recycle them into something useful for your four-legged friends. All you need to make your own dog bed is an old sweater, pillow stuffing, yarn or thread, scissors, a large needle and a pillow. …


People have their pets first of all because of love and direct contact with nature, and some to protect them from attacking people or other animals. This is the case with these others. How do you treat pets in such situations.