Top 10 Zoo’s in Europe

Check out our pick’s of the best zoo’s throughout Europe. Hope the list helps you with finding your next destination if by any chance you find yourself visiting the countries where these zoo’s are located. 

1. London Zoo

Originally, the zoo was built to be used for scientific purposes. It opened for the first time in 1828 and was turned into a public zoo in 1847. Now it is considered to be one of the most progressive zoos in the world.

The zoo is home to more than 750 species, including various local and exotic animals, such as the endangered Asiatic lions. The first public aquarium, reptile house, and insect house were opened here. Also, the first children’s zoo started operating in London Zoo.

Various events are organized in the zoo (e.g. Children’s Day or the Fire Walk) so be sure to check the official website before your visit.

2. Helsinki Zoo

Helsinki Zoo is the largest zoo in Finland, located on the island of Korkeasaari in Helsinki. The zoo is also commonly referred to by the island’s name, Korkeasaari.

The island of Korkeasaari is a 22-hectare rocky island, connected to the mainland via a bridge to the Helsinki district of Mustikkamaa, where there is access to the zoo all year round. A ferry and water buses take visitors to the island during summertime, from the Market Square and Hakaniemi.

Korkeasaari is among the most popular places among visitors in Helsinki. The animals on display are divided geographically to Amazonia, Africasia and Borealia. There are about two hundred Animal species, and about a thousand plant species.

3. Loro Park

Loro Parque or ‘Loro Park’ is a 13.5-hectare zoo on the outskirts of Crossport or Puerto de la Cruz on Tenerife, Spain where it houses an extensive and diverse reserve of animal and plant species. The park was conceived as a paradise for parrots and has developed over the years into one of the biggest attractions of the Canary Islands, with over 40 million visitors. The park keeps orcas, which has attracted criticism from some organisations.

4. Berlin Zoological Garden

Opened in 1844, this is Germany’s oldest and best-known animal park. More than 1500 different species make it an amazing and educative place to visit. The Zoo has many unique animals, including polar bears, pandas, and penguins and it organizes engaging shows and feedings. Due to its limited size, it is easily walkable even with small children.

Being one of the most visited zoos in the world, it can get crowded in peak season. Be sure to arrive as early as possible.

5. Rome Biopark

This 17-hectare large municipal zoo in Rome feels more like a safari, as there are no bars in many parts of the Zoo. The Zoo’s animal population numbers over a 1 000 animals from more than 200 species. Among its main attractions belong its two newest exhibits: the orangutan exposition, opened in 2014, and its Sumatran tiger exhibit, opened in 2015.

The Zoo was first opened in 1911. Since then, the exhibits have undergone many reconstructions and changes in design to reflect the new standards of animal care and to help the Zoo better serve as one of the institutions preserving the endangered species around the world.

It is forbidden to take dogs into the Zoo.

6. Barcelona Zoo
Founded in 1892, this large zoo is one of the oldest zoos in the world. It is home to more than 7,000 animals – there’s a reptile house, a pavilion of monkeys, or an aquarium with dolphins which puts on popular dolphin shows. There are also two large playgrounds, a petting zoo, and a green area if you wish to have a picnic with your loved ones.

The zoo is most famous for Floquet de Neu (“Snowflake”), the only albino gorilla who ever lived in a zoo. Sadly, Snowflake passed away in 2003.

7. Edinburgh Zoo

Open since 1913, this zoo is now home to at least 1.000 species of rare or endangered animals. Come and spend a classic day out here – you can meet penguins, and UK’s only koalas and pandas, catch a ride around the safari, enjoy the various exhibits or just stroll around the park.

8. Monkey Park Tenerife

A wonderful place to visit especially with the children. Tons of different species of monkey and apes are sure to entertain you and your whole family! Located in Arona, Spain.

9. Tallinn Zoo

Tallinn Zoo is a zoo in Tallinn, Estonia, that was founded in 1939. It is the only zoo in Estonia, and as of 2012, it housed 13,336 animals representing 548 species. Since 2009, it is the most visited zoo in the Baltic states.
10. Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo is a zoo at Upton by Chester, in Cheshire, England. Chester Zoo was opened in 1931 by George Mottershead and his family. It is one of the UK’s largest zoos at 125 acres. The zoo has a total land holding of approximately 400 acres.

Chester Zoo is operated by the North of England Zoological Society, a registered charity founded in 1934. The zoo receives no government funding. It is the most-visited wildlife attraction in Britain with more than 1.4 million visitors in 2014. In 2007 Forbes described it as one of the best fifteen zoos in the world. In 2017 it was named as the best zoo in the UK.


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