Tips for keeping your dog tick free


Ticks can cause serious illnesses in pets and humans, including Lyme disease. The bite itself can cause itching and scratching, and if enough ticks attach themselves to your pet, their feeding can result in anemia. The best prevention against ticks is to avoid grass or taller plants and to make it a practice to check your pets for ticks whenever they’ve been outside.

Here are some home remedies for keeping the ticks away from your pet:
– feeding your pet garlic is a popular home tick repellent, but it should be used sparingly and with caution
– apple cider vinegar mixed into your pet’s drinking water may help repel ticks by increasing the acidity in your pet’s blood
– another popular home repellent involves lemons cut into quarters, added to boiling water and allowed to steep overnight. The solution is then put into a spray bottle and used on your pet, focusing on behind the ears, at the base of the tail and the arm pits.

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