The World’s First Modular Architecturally Built Recyclable Cat House Is Here


If you always wanted to get your pet a nice play space and one to hide in when it wants to be alone, then look no further. A Cat Thing is so simple and lovely that you’ll wish you thought of it first.

What is A Cat Thing?

When a couple of architects met two cats, magic happened. They adopted these two abandoned kittens and took them home. However, one of these two couldn’t get used to her new environment. She wouldn’t eat, and she became weaker and weaker. Until her owners took their friend’s advice and got her a box. An ordinary cardboard box. And it saved their kitten. Life is all about the little things that mean a lot.

So, these two people who love designing things and adore their cats chose to make their pets’ living space more practical, minimalist, comfortable and beautiful.

They made modular cardboard boxes that can transform your cat’s living space without making you look like a crazy cat person. If you stacked ordinary boxes in your living room, you’d look just like one. However, that’s not the case with these. They will complement your home, give it a warm, natural texture, and thrill your cat.


How does A Cat Thing work?

First of all, you should know that cats love small, narrow spaces. It makes them feel relaxed and comfy. That kind of space is hard to find in an ordinary home, so your cat is probably lurking out of your closets and from under the bed. A Cat Thing is designed to fulfill that need for small spaces your cat loves so much.



What makes A Cat Thing stand out?

These modular boxes have holes in them for your cat to go through but also look through. Each box is made to fit every other one. Four different modules are at your disposal – room, balcony, ramp, and living room. Thanks to their clever modular design, these boxes are super-easy to assemble and even easier to adjust to your living space. You can mix and match them however you want and make the best possible house for your cat.

And don’t worry, unlike ordinary cardboard boxes, these are made for your cat’s shenanigans. They are durable and firm, so your kitty won’t fall through, break, or destroy these so easily.

How do we know that? Well, happy users posted pictures of their cats on Instagram with the hashtag #acatthing enjoying their own little slice of heaven. Just like you like to unwind in your own space, so does a cat. So why not give your pet the thing it needs? A Cat Thing is available on Kickstarter now for $59 and is scheduled to ship in November.



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