The benefits of having pets at work

Who let the dogs in? Many people from members of Congress to advertising executives have welcomed dogs into the workplace and for good reason. It would be great if we could all bring our pets to work because it would improve the:

Mental health
Pets can reduce stress and anxiety, which leads to a better work environment. The majority of people love pets and are excited to have furry friends in the office. Having your pet or a co-worker’s pet in the office is uplifting and brings a smile to your face.

Often, pets have a way of bringing others together by breaking tension and providing comfort to individuals. This makes people more willing to step out of their comfort zones and socialize with their team.
Pets can foster a sense of connection and community, and also act as social lubricant, and people tend to act more compassionate and kind in their presence.

Work-life balance
Bringing your pet to work makes the office feel more like home for many, which promotes healthy work-life balance. Employees likely won’t view the workplace as a stressful environment, but rather as a home away from home. Additionally, pets require time and attention, which can promote healthy pauses from assignments and creative breaks.


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