Taking Care Of Your Beagle Puppy

Dos 1/2 months old


Bringing home a Beagle puppy will be a very exciting time. This will also be a time of great change for the pup.
For everything to run smoothly, a new owner should be well prepared to help make a smooth transition and to offer the best of Beagle puppy care.
Proper Beagle puppy care will lead to a dog both emotionally and physically healthy. The first day, the first week…and the first few months are a crucial time that will be the foundation for the type of dog that you are going to have as your canine family member.
Dos 1/2 months old

Puppy Supplies

Puppy Food – It is important to the health of your puppy that any food changes are done very slowly. Therefore, you will want to find out exactly which brand of dog food the puppy has been eating. Many Beagle breeders offer samples of puppy food to new owners.
However, most samples last for 1 or 2 days. You will want to have 1 months worth of puppy food in your home that your Beagle is already used to eating. This will ensure that you have enough as you slowly change over to a new food.
2 Dog collars, 2 leashes and perhaps a harness – You would be surprised how easy it is for new owners to misplace the leash or for the collar to slip off of a puppy. Always have a backup.
In addition, many owners find that walking a Beagle is far easier when you use a harness. You’ll have better control over your puppy. It’s also a safe choice since it distributes pressure over the chest, shoulders and back as opposed to just the neck.
If you opt for a collar, choose one made of nylon; these repel water, do not lose their shape, will not become stained or smelly, and are highly durable. Martingale collars are great, because they do not choke a dog, but are designed so that a pup cannot slip out. You will also want one with a quick-snap buckle for easy on-off and to be able to quickly release it if the pup is in trouble.
For a harness, these are great because it allows you much better control over your puppy, while keeping pressure and tension off of the neck. Choose a sturdy but lightweight design with easy on-off clips and, preferably, a padded chest, since puppies can be rather rambunctious.
For the leash, you will want to a retractable leash, because when you are housebreaking your puppy, you will want it to extend 6 to 7 feet. When you are walking your pup, you’ll want to be able to adjust it perfectly, so that your Beagle is by your side (to your left, for proper heeling), and when you want your Beagle to be able to go out further, doing so will be easy.
Top Recommended Collar, Harness and Leashes

Grooming supplies –You’ll find things to be much easier if you put together a kit for all your Beagle’s grooming needs. This includes:

  • A quality bristle brush and/or a horse hair finishing brush
  • A grooming mitt or de-shedding tool
  • A good bath brush
  • Quality bath products
  • * Optional – A light spritz to make the coat smell nice
  • Canine eye wipes
  • Clipper or grinder for nails
  • Nose balm
  • Paw wax
  • Dental care items
A Bed – You may wish to have your new puppy sleep in your bed; however the puppy may fall off of the bed or be accidentally rolled on. Also, until a Beagle is house trained, things will work out better is he is in his own spot.
Dos 1/2 months old
Additionally, you’ll want to consider that once a dog is told where his bed is – and if that is with his owner – he rarely gives it up without a fight. So, if you make the decision for your Beagle to sleep with you, it will be hard to reverse that.
A Pen– This refers to a good sized canine playpen, nylon or gate, not a crate; crates are much too stifling for this breed. This is really an invaluable item for puppy care. It makes life a lot easier in so many ways.
This is how you will keep your Beagle in one spot any time that you cannot be right by his side, for purposes of house training and to keep him safe. Without this, a puppy will pee and poo all over the house.

Additionally, this is where your puppy should be when home alone. Separation anxiety is a huge issue with this breed, so creating the right environment can go a long way in helping a pup cope.

This should be in a centrally located room; most owners find the kitchen or living room works best. Within this area, have a quality dog bed for your Beagle puppy to retreat to when he tires and for nighttime sleeping.
Excellent Beds and Pens for Beagle Puppies
Matthew Zaldaña, a BeaglePro Member, with his Beagle ‘Mike n’Mikey’; when Matthew grows up, he’s planning on adopting another Beagle.

Toys – Toys are a very important part of a puppy’s life. They are the puppy’s prized possessions. Most puppies enjoy having objects that are “just theirs”. And your Beagle puppy will need toys that actually are helpful for his needs.

Puppies begin teething right around the 4 month old mark, so you will want some good, quality teething toys and also some toys that encourage independent play.

A Good Veterinarian – Most breeders, as stated in the sales contract, will ask that you bring your new puppy to a veterinarian within a certain amount of time from the day you bring your Beagle home. This is generally within 24 to 72 hours.
This protects the breeder, you and the puppy. The best veterinarian may not be the closest one to your home. It is suggested to interview with at least 3 veterinarians within reasonable driving distance. You can ask to set up an appointment specifically to meet the veterinarian and spend time getting to know about him/ her and their practice.
You’ll also want to locate a trusted vet as soon as possible so that you can continue with vaccinations on schedule to complete all rounds of puppy shots. Once done, you will only need to schedule booster inoculations as needed or as required per local laws in the areas in which you live.

Puppy Proofing Your Home

When one thinks about Beagle puppy care, it is surprising how many people forget that setting up the house is such an important part of bringing their puppy home and keeping him safe… especially during the first year.
It is amazing how quickly a puppy can get into a dangerous situation. It is very important to puppy proof your home; never think that a puppy will know better”. They are incredibly curious! You will want go over all rooms of the house that the pup may enter.
  • All small objects should be removed – remember that nothing is off limits (makeup, coins, remotes, everything).
  • Remove all shoes, bags, clothing from accessible areas and move these to closets, high shelves or other areas that the puppy cannot reach.
  • Place child-proof locks on all lower cabinets. You won’t realize that your Beagle puppy is capable of opening a cabinet until it happens.
  • If you have a cat, move her litter box to an area that your puppy cannot reach (on top of the washer is a popular spot) and do not allow her food to be reached. Cat food is much higher in fat content than puppy food, and while it is not toxic, it can cause an upset stomach.
  • Wrap any accessible electrical cords with cord concealer.
Dos 1/2 months old

Expect Your Beagle Puppy to Be a Bit Hyper

 A lot of owners worry that their young puppy is out of control. Pups may run around the house, slide around on slippery floors, bound down hallways, run and tumble into you, etc.
This is normal behavior and while it may seem as if your pup is too hyper, this is a phase. Most Beagles calm down by the 12 month to 18 month mark.
Not allowing your puppy to run and have this freedom can create behavioral issues. Energy that is not released with become pent up, and this could led to destructive behavior. Therefore, just for the time being put away any breakables (such as standing lamps, expensive vases, etc) and allow your Beagle puppy to be a puppy.
Spend a good amount of time outside with your puppy. Aside from bringing your Beagle outside to go to the bathroom, playtime is not only a great way to release energy but also a time in which owner and dog can bond.  Go for the daily walks; but also just spending 30 minutes per day teaching fetch or chase can be rewarding for both of you.
This is also a great opportunity to do command training. When playing fetch, you have the chance to teach “Stay” “Get” and “Give” while having fun.

Getting Outside for Exercise

Most owners are not sure of exactly when a Beagle puppy can safely go outside.  This is dependent on when his inoculations have been complete, and your particular yard or outdoor space.
Puppies should not be allowed on the ground in any areas in which there is even a chance that other dogs have been (excluding your own dogs, if you are 100% positive that they are up-to-date on their shots.
Once you are 2 weeks past the point of all puppy shots being complete, you can then safely bring your Beagle outside, anywhere you wish.
Source: beaglepro.com
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