Seven Must-see Photos of Cats in Baths


Why do cats hate baths so much?

No one knows the exact reason why so many cats hate baths, according to veterinarian Mary Fuller, DVM. In an article for Vet Street, Dr. Fuller writes: “Some behaviorists think it’s because the domesticated cat’s early ancestors lived in dry regions of Africa, where they had relatively little exposure to water. In other words, today’s felines simply didn’t inherit behaviors associated with water.”

That said, it’s worth noting that not all felines snarl at the thought of bath time. According to Animal Planet, the Turkish Van cat is one breed that actually enjoys taking a dip every now and then. It’s not super shocking that this kitty’s ancestors were known to soak in lake waters to soothe themselves from the heat of the sun.

However, we can’t deny that our cats do need help sometimes, especially when they find themselves getting really messy (mud, anyone?). As the owners of the cats below found out, these pets might not exactly be happy about accepting that type of help — leading to the most hilariously relatable and adorable facial expressions. Let’s just hope these kitties forgot about their baths by the next day!


“Just so you know, I’m perfectly capable of bathing myself. I don’t understand why you found it necessary to use all that water. It was just a little mud…”


“Human, why must you put me through this? What part of ‘I can wash myself’ don’t you understand? Now you’re messing up my fur.”


“Just try and put that feline shampoo on me again. Try it one more time. I dare you!”


“How on Earth will I ever greet guests in the house looking like this? I’ll have to craftily sneak behind the sofa… Oh wait, I do that already.”


“You can say goodbye to any thoughts of me playing with you later. And not even my favorite catnip can change my mind.”


“I’m watching you, human. Do you think I don’t know what this bathtub means? You better realize I know full well what it means… you’ll pay for this later.”


“I warned you! Now I’m going to ignore you for the rest of the day — Until you give me dinner, that is.”



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