Proud mom deals with 2 toddlers and 4 Samoyeds

photo: Instagram

Sarah Hegarty is a groomer who owns not one, not two, but four Samoyeds and her Instagram account ‘The Samoyed Siblings‘ is dedicated to their heavenly beauty. Hegarty is not only a dog mom but has two toddlers under the age of two, so her life can get pretty hectic. Even with all the craziness she still finds time to foster unwanted Samoyeds in her local town and is the creator of the “Samoyeds of Perth”, a club that unites local Samoyed owners and their dogs. According to her, it can take up to 8 hours to properly wash and groom all of her four pets.

Both girls seem to have an amazing connection with the pups. The young girls have lived with the dogs since they were born, and Hegarty says the dogs even taught one of the daughters to walk.
We wish to congratulate Sarah on her immense effort and we are sure she enjoys all the love in the world.
Scroll down to see the rest of the photos showing hear heaven.

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