Meet Larry and Puka – The Tortoise and Pit Bull Best Friends

It all started when Christine Hilberg (29), rescued Puka, a 4-year-old mixed breed with a cleft lip from a homeless man in Los Angeles, with the help from her friend Roxy. Fortunately, Puka’s cleft lip is only cosmetic, and doesn’t cause her any discomfort, but we have to admit — it’s adorable.

As for Larry the African Tortoise, Christine found him on a Craigslist ad from a reptile hoarder. Larry is named after Larry David because both are stubborn, bald and love to improvise, says Christine.

He loves vegetables, strawberries and of curse Puka.  She had no idea how they would get along, but they grew to be best friends. Now wherever Puka goes Larry follows him. Puka always slows down so that Larry can keep up with her.

Good thing that Christine is a photographer because this couple is quite photogenic.

Look at their pictures:



Source: mashable


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