Keeping A Cat Warm: The Basics


 Keeping cats warm can be difficult in the cold due to age or breed, but there are some simple things you can do to ensure your kitty stays warm and cozy all winter long!

Avoid the Cold Outdoors

If it is below freezing, it’s not a good idea to take your cat out in the cold if they don’t have to be out there. The only reason to take your kitty out into the cold is for a vet visit. If you are concerned about them getting sunlight, opt for a window perch in a sunny window for the chilly months. While cats who have longer and thicker fur can handle colder temps, their ears, paws, and eyes are not protected enough to endure long periods outdoors when it is below freezing.

Put a Hoodie or Sweater on Your Kitty

For cats who are cold around the house or must go outside, buying a fleece pet hoodie or sweater is a great option to keep them warm. Most cats adjust to wearing them even if they have never worn pet clothing before. Make sure to size slightly up so they are longer and have more wiggle room. The average cat will fit a size SMALL in dog branded sweaters and hoodies. If your cat is 15 to 25 pounds, opt for a MEDIUM size one. Just remember to NEVER leave a sweater or hoodie on your cat when you are not there to supervise. Cats are a lot more active than dogs and risk injury if they are not accustomed to wearing clothing. This is the best method for keeping cats warm.


Keep Fleece Throws Around

Throw blankets aren’t just enjoyed by us when we want to snuggle up on the sofa with a book, cats enjoy them too! Keeping a few extras around where your cat enjoys laying will be appreciated. It is best to make a nest like shape so they can snuggle up right in the middle and be surrounded by soft warmth. Do not use electric heating blankets with cats. Because many cats like to knead blankets, this can be disastrous.

Use a Heating Pad

Electric heating pads make a great option your cat may enjoy when it is especially cold outside. I recommend having one on hand for senior cats to nap on. You will want to only ever use the low setting and never allow them to use it unsupervised. A great place to keep one would be on the sofa or bed when you will be sitting nearby. Remember to unplug it when it’s not being used. Most come with an auto-off switch after one hour but you can never be too careful. If your cat has short or thin fur, be sure to use a towel as a layer between the pad and your kitty to prevent areas getting too warm.



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