If the dog really keeps your home…

If you have your own home or apartment and don’t ask a dog, I can’t help but ask “why not?”

Imagine this: you’re at home alone, everyone is tucked comfortably in bed and you’re on the verge of snoozing yourself when you suddenly hear an uncomfortably loud noise come from the front room. You don’t have to be a professional to realize that someone has broken into your home. You hear heavy footsteps thundering through the home as a stranger parades through each room, searching for something to steal or worse.

Even with a man in the house or with a self-defense weapon like a knife or mace, a home invasion can be a terrifying experience. How exactly could a dog possibly make you feel safer in a moment like that?

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Dogs, for one, are loyal to the death. How many men do you know that would really take a bullet to protect you? A dog is likely to not only attack any intruder to your home, they’ll dive right into the face of potential danger to protect you and your family if they have to.

Not only is a pet dog likely to risk their own life for you, but dogs can act and react a lot faster than any human could. Four legs and a low center of gravity mean your furry friend can out-maneuver and out-act anyone who breaks into your home, often before you or the intruder even realize what’s happened.

They’ll risk their life for you and they can move fast, both bonuses to having a large to medium-sized dog. Still, even a small dog can help keep you safe at home by being a reliable and very noisy alarm. Barking can deter many would-be-burglars and, in the event that barking doesn’t scare off intruders, the loud squabbling of any dog is enough to make neighbors at least peak out a window to see what’s going on, potentially notifying police.

On top of all of this, dogs make for good security because they don’t need to learn how to safely and effectively use a weapon. Dogs come equipped with incredibly powerful weapons naturally, in the form of vice-like jaws and sharpened claws, which means they know how — and more importantly: when — to use them. No need to worry about rustling through a gun safe to get out a weapon, and no need to keep dangerous knives or other self-defense weapons around, a dog can do just enough damage to stop nearly any home invader at least temporarily.

To put any other doubt to shame, consider the fact that a dog is unwaveringly loyal, can cost slightly less than other safety measures (especially if you pick a dog up from the local animal shelter), and lives to obey your every command, unlike any boyfriend or husband.

What do you think moms? Do you think a dog can make your home feel safer? More than that, though: can a dog actually make your home safer? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

by Greg Jensen /yourlocalsecurity.com

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