How to pick a good food for your cat


In order to provide your cat the best, you must know what to look for in cat food. Here are some tips for choosing a good food for your furry friend:

Meat listed as the first ingredient. The writing order represents the amount, therefore, meat or meat meal must come first. The only exception is water if it is listed as an ingredient.

Meat must be identified as chicken, rabbit, beef, turkey, lamb, and similar. Simple “meat” or “animal meat” doesn’t promise anything good.

Meat by-products are good, and your cat needs liver, heart, bones, and others. If the package states simply “meat by-products,” this also does not promise anything good.

photo: Viktor Lugovskoy/iStock/Getty Images

High amount of moisture. A natural cat diet contains more than 80% water. This unfortunately disqualifies any dry food.

No grain. Cats don’t eat grain.

No colorings, sweeteners, and chemical preservatives. These are added to appeal to you, and extend the shelf life. Cats don’t give a damn about them.

No artificial flavors. Without the flavor, probably your cat would not even look at the food you bought.


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