How to (Maybe) Survive Attack From a Wild Animal



Kangaroos – If you’re planning a safari trip or a visit to the down under, a few survival techniques are in order.To survive a kangaroo attack you must admit that you are inferior. At all costs avoid eye contact as the kangaroo will take this as a sign of agression. Instead emit short coughing sounds as this imitates the sound kangaroos make to admit inferiority. Also it’s best to curl up and wait for them to stop.

Lions – Playing with kittens and cats is fun and entertaining when their cute little paws and claws bat at you. When face to face with this massive cat remember to maintain eye contact. When you try to run away, you will feel their claws and fangs sink in. Before attacking the lion makes a mock attack to see how much of a threat are you. When that happens, you need to draw yourself to full height and be as loud as possible. The more of a threat you seem the better you chances are. If you fail to scare the lion, make sure to have your throat protected.


Elephants – Elephants are very intelligent creatures and feel a wide array of emotions. If threatened they will react. When the elephants ears are pinned back flat and the trunk is curled inward that means the elephant is in attack mode. You should hide downwind so the elephant cannot smell you. Also if you run, you will encourage the elephant to chase you. Instead find something to act as a barrier between you and the elephant.

Rhinoceros – With poor eyesight, these creatures are easily startled and are hard to escape. They can reach a startling speed of 40 mph. your best bet is to climb a tree or stand behind one since rhinos tend to avoid large obsticles.

Hippos – The best way to survive a hippo attack is to avoid one altogether. These lumbering beasts are cute, docile, and look fairly peaceful, right? Wrong. They are extremely temperamental, unstable and quite easily angered. If you can, you should climb a tree ad wait for the hippo to leave. If you are on a boat, bang the sides of the boat to alert the submerged hippos of your location.

Bulls – Ever see bull fighters wave around a piece of bright colored cloth? There’s a reason for that. If a bull is running towards you, you should stand as still as possible and you can use your clothes as decoy of the matador’s red cape as the bull will go towards the discarded item. It doesn’t eve have to be red.

Alligators and Crocodiles – Alligators and crocodiles are said to have one of the strongest bites on the planet. If either of these creatures chomps down on you, it will be a challenge to get him to release. If you see one coming towards you on land, run away and make loud noises. All you need is 20 or 30 feet to be safe. If you see a crocodile while swimming, do not shout or splash, just swim as quietly as possible towards the shore.

Sharks – 71% of our planet’s surface is covered by water, so it stands to reason that some of its inhabitants are less than friendly. Of all the watery beasts, none strike as much fear into the heart of man as the shark. Out of 360 species of shark, only 20 are known to attack human. Just make sure not too pee of bleed in the water, as the shark’s sense of smell is impeccable. Its best to grab a weapon such as harpoon.




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