Dogs Everywhere Are Trying ” The Snoot Challenge”

The cutest thing to take the internet by storm this year is The Snoot Challenge. Everyone knows that their pet’s nose is the cutest — and often the wettest — thing on the planet. It is something worthy of framing. Right now pet noses, particularly dogs, framed by their owners’ fingers are going viral in the form of the cutest photos and videos. Even the total fails are adorable!

Doing The Snoot Challenge is not as easy as it looks. You basically have to train your pet to come and put their snout in your hands. That means you have to have a lot of patience and a lot of treats — especially if you are trying to do it with a cat. You’ve heard of cat herding? This is much the same thing.

However, it is dogs who are having their turn of being adorable on the internet. Not every dog is up to the challenge but it is precisely those dogs who fail who are often the most worthy of the watching.There is at least one guy out there who managed to wrangled his guinea pig into the challenge. Of course the guinea pig was precocious enough to follow the snoot with its entire body.

Unlike the Ice Bucket challenge of several years ago there is no charitable cause behind it, unless you count adding this much more cute to the internet as charity.

Everyone knows that pet noses are entirely “boopable,” and this challenge just takes it one step further. Is there really anyone out there who has never “booped’ their furry one’s nose?


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