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10 Unbelievable animals that saved other animals

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Yes, the dog really knows how you are in the mood

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His Royalty the White Bengal Tiger

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Animals fight for a number of different reasons. Most will defend themselves against predators, but many also do battle with members of the same species. In many cases conflict between animals is avoided, but there are also many examples of fighting, some of which end up in the death of the opponent. Watch the video: …


For some species, time on our planet Earth is running out Human beings are the greatest threat to the survival of endangered species through poaching, habitat destruction and the effects of climate change. Learn which beautiful creatures are most in need of our help, protection and conservation . For more informations watch the video bellow: …


Wondering what kind of dog the Americans are most looking for and kept in their home? Here’s the yen of the answer … certainly, things are changing but this is now


People have their pets first of all because of love and direct contact with nature, and some to protect them from attacking people or other animals. This is the case with these others. How do you treat pets in such situations.


How many times have you seen the cats come from happiness, and admit that it is positive to you. Look at them here