Best birds to have as a pet


The best types of birds for pets come in many forms. Some species of birds are easy to take care of while other types of birds can be trained to do tricks. Birds can be wonderful, loyal pets and this list contains information on the best pet bird species ranked from best to worst. When it comes to birds, too many people get in over their heads, choosing a pet who’s too large, too loud, too expensive — and ultimately, too much to handle. If your list of potential birds includes only the largest and most colorful parrots, expand your horizons and consider some other birds before you buy.


The canary — among the most popular and varied pet birds in the world — is well known for his vocal talents and vibrant color. Canaries are actually finches, and they can be green or yellow, bright orange, or even brown.
If you want a singer, make sure your new bird is a male — female canaries don’t sing.

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One of the most popular pet bird species in the world are the Budgies, and it comes as no surprise to anyone who has ever known one. When properly tamed and cared for, Budgies make extraordinarily friendly and affectionate pets. On top of being small and easy to care for, Budgies take well to training and can learn to perform many fun bird tricks. Best of all, Budgies have the ability to learn to talk, and delight people of all ages with their cute and comical little voices.

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This bird is a favorite of many birdkeepers because of the affection her cockatiel. They would snuggle up to the persons and give them kisses on the nose or whistle to them when they come home.
Another aspect that encouraged people to choose cockatiels as the best bird is the fact that they are a relatively inexpensive and easy species to maintain.

If you prefer large birds but still want a pet that will be friendly, loving, and affectionate, then most bird owners will tell you that a Cockatoo may be your best bet. These beautiful birds bond very strongly to their owners and prefer to be with them all of the time if possible. If you do consider a pet cockatoo, it is imperative that you make sure that you have plenty of free time to spend socializing with your bird.

photo: Wolfgang Forstmeier

The finch is a little charmer who embodies the word “vivacious.” Finches are flashy, fast moving, and fun to watch, with a lively, constant twittering that’s considerably below the decibel level parrots are capable of attaining.
Finches do better in a social situation, so plan on buying two or more and giving them a cage with plenty of space to exercise their wings — these birds get around by flying and they don’t climb for exercise. Also remember that when they’re too crowded, territorial cage battles between cage mates will erupt.
Because they’re perfectly content to live without handling, finches make good caged birds for an older child’s room.

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