7 Reasons why you should get a dog for your kids

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However, many of us consider dogs as smelly, hair shedding animals that poops everywhere and brings dirt inside the house. People also perceive them as a menace and a source of various diseases and allergies due to which some parents avoid having a dog at home.

Here are 7 damn good reasons that will inspire you to buy a dog for your kids.

1. Dogs Are an Exuberant Friend

A dog’s companionship will prevent your kids from depression and loneliness. Dogs are always there as an ever-willing play-buddy when your kids needs them. Kids can play with them when their neighborhood friends are busy or away from their house and when it’s too late or when the weather outside is not pleasant.

A dog becomes your kid’s best friend, who won’t go away, won’t hit, won’t yell, and won’t fight with your kid. It will happily please your kids and can entertain them endlessly.

A dog is a great companion when your kids are sad, angry, stressed, or nervous. Kids feel wanted and loved in the company of a dog. Dogs are also a trusted friend with whom your kids can share anything without being judged.



2. Helps to Maintain Good Health

Dog ownership is connected to good health. Dogs love to play, chase, and run. Your kids can participate with their dog in such activities.

Kids can also practice motor skills by feeding and grooming their dog. Thus, a dog can encourage physical activity in kids.

Regular walks with a dog will not only keep your kids away from computer screen, but also prevent them from getting obese. In this way, your kids will learn to breathe in fresh air and follow health-promoting lifestyle. However, parental supervision is recommended for the safety of your kids and the dog.

Besides this, a dog can help your kids to develop a stronger immune system and prevent sickness. Kids who grow up around dogs are less prone to allergies and asthma than those who grow up without a dog.

3. Protects Kids

A dog always stays by the side of your kids and protects them when you are not around. It can protect your kids against bullying children and prevent your kids from getting involved in a violent brawl with other kids.

Apart from this, a dog can also alert you for threatening allergens inside your home. You need to train a dog about substances that causes harmful allergies to your kids and they can detect such allergens. This behavior can be life saving for hypo-allergic kids.

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4. Develops Skills

Kids tend to spend a lot of time with their pets. By spending time with a dog, your kids will develop various skills like parental skills, reading skills and creative skills.

For kids of both genders, taking care of a dog is like their favorite game. By taking care of a dog your kids will learn some parental skills and will understand how it feels to be in charge.

Kids can also improve their reading skills by reading aloud to their dog. A dog will be a kind listener who won’t interrupt your kids while reading and won’t criticize them for their mistakes. Thus, by reading to a dog your kid can effectively improve the fluency of speech and reduce their stage fright.

Dogs can also help to develop socializing skills in your kids. While your kids are out for a walk with their dog, they can make new friends and interact with other pet owners. Also, a dog can teach your kids some essential values like kindness and trustworthiness. This promotes social development in your kids.

In addition, when your kids participate in dog grooming activities, they cultivate creative skills. A variety of dog accessories is available which will not only enhance the look of a dog, but also encourage your kids to take care of their dog.

5. Promotes Emotional Development

A dog can help to foster your kids emotionally. A cute and playful dog always uplifts the mood of your kids. Kids feel wanted and loved in the company of a dog. A common love for a pet dog can also improve the bond between siblings.

Moreover, by participating in pet-oriented tasks, your kids can develop self-confidence, self-esteem, a sense of responsibility, and commitment.

6. Reduces Anxiety

Some dog breeds reduce anxiety and offer comfort to your kids. A cuddle or a playful interaction with a dog stimulates a hormone called oxytocin and soothes the anxiety system. A kid with an anxiety-free mind can perform any task in a better way.

7. Manages Behavioral Problems

A dog also helps to treat behavioral problems in kids. Playing with a dog can calm an overly aggressive and hyperactive kid.

By taking care of a dog, a bad-tempered and spiteful kid can learn discipline and can gradually have a soft and kind behavior. A dog can also help to manage behavioral problems in a kid with special needs.

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In a modern world, working parents don’t get enough time to impart value education to their kids. Having a dog at home can teach several lessons to your kids. Moreover, growing up becomes fun with a dog. Make a life changing decision; get a dog for your kids.

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