5 tips to protect your dog’s paws from hot pavements

photo: Sarah Basford on Flickr

And as much as we all want to treat our dogs to summer walks, do not forget that hot pavement and sidewalks can severely burn a dog’s paws. If the air temperature is 77 degrees Fahrenheit, asphalt temperatures can reach up to 125 degrees. So be sure to always be prepared when taking your dog with you to the next street fair or summer concert.
From Paw Wax to dog boots, check out these 10 tips to keep your pup’s paws safe during hot summer weather.

1. Walk your dog when it’s cool
The best time to walk your dog is in the morning or late evening, when the pavement is cool. Avoid walking your dog in the afternoon or early evening when it’s hot outside, because the pavement will be its hottest.

2. Stay On The Grass When It’s Hot
If you end up taking your dog out during the warmer times of the day, be sure to stay on the grass and stick to shady areas. Stay away from sidewalks or any paved areas to avoid burning. A shady park can be a great place to take your dog on a warm afternoon.

3. Put dog shoes
Dog shoes are a good way protect your dog’s paws from all kinds of harmful surfaces and potential injuries if your dog will wear them. Also, they must fit her properly or they might pose a danger. Be aware that not all dogs can get used to dog shoes, and some might have a hard time walking in them.

4. Try socks for your dog’s paws
Dog socks are intended for indoors and are a last resort solution if you need to take your dog onto the hot pavement. Make sure the socks have rubber or neoprene soles or your dog will burn his feet. Sock soles are much thinner than shoe soles, so make your sock-walks very short.

5. Clean your dog’s paws frequently
Be sure to check your dog’s paw pads daily for any signs of damage and check between his paw pads for any stones or other debris; pull them out gently. You can wipe his paws off with a room temperature damp cloth before moisturizing the pads of his feet.

First aid for burned paws
If you suspect your dog has burned paw pads:
– Bring your dog inside right away. Carry your pet if necessary.
– Flush the foot with cold water or use a cold compress.
– Try not to let your dog lick the injured pad.
Take your dog to the vet as soon as you possible because burns can become infected. Your dog might need antibiotics or pain medication depending on the severity of the burn. The vet can also rule out other possible causes of the symptoms. Paw licking can also be a sign of other problems, such as allergies.

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